ESC Quality Certificate

The evaluation process of the Quality Certificate (ESC50 and ESC50-QLA) applications submitted within the scope of the European Solidarity Programme’s calls for proposals in 2021 and 2022 has been completed. 58 eligible applications were selected for quality assessment by independent external experts. As a result of the evaluation, 3 institutions were awarded the Quality Certificate for the ‘Leader’ role and 18 institutions for the ‘Supporter’ and/or ‘Host’ role.
As the İlk Sen Ol Association, we have applied for the ESC50 Quality Certificate within the scope of the European Solidarity Program’s 2022 call for proposals. Our application was among the 18 applications accepted for the supporting and host role and was accredited by the Turkish National Agency.
Within the scope of the ESC program, our association will send volunteer young people abroad between 2 and 12 months and host young people abroad.
As an association, we have had the opportunity to raise young people who can take part in projects by increasing their capacities thanks to the opportunities provided by the Turkish National Agency. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Turkish National Agency for its contributions.

What is the European Solidarity Program (ESC)?

The European Solidarity Program (ESC) is a new Europe aimed at meeting societal needs, creating opportunities for young people to volunteer, work or network in projects that benefit society in their home country or abroad, while promoting their personal, educational, social, civic and professional development. Union initiative. Bringing young people together to build a more inclusive society, support vulnerable people and respond to societal challenges. The program provides an inspiring and empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and improve. The program adds value to the existing Volunteering program under Erasmus+, formerly known as European Voluntary Service, and other EU funding programmes.
What Can You Earn By Joining This Program?

1. You will have the opportunity to help communities in need as a volunteer. As this is a free service, you will not receive a salary, but your travel, housing, meals and insurance costs will be covered. You will also receive a certain amount of pocket money.
2. You will have a learning experience that will contribute to your personal and professional development. You will have the opportunity to receive training before, during and after your volunteering experience. Your mentors will help you set clear goals and how to achieve them. You will also develop your linguistic and intercultural skills, learn to live on your own, deal with challenges and work in a team.
3. Living and exploring another country, learning about different cultures and making new friends will be an inevitable part of your volunteering experience.
4. Your volunteering experience will allow you to bring new ideas and a multicultural spirit to your volunteer organizations and local communities.
5. By taking part in the European Solidarity Program you will be part of a community. When you return, you can stay connected with a wider community of former volunteers, share your experiences, and connect and inspire other young people in the country.
6. At the end of a project you participated in voluntarily, you will receive a certificate documenting your participation.

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