About Us

The Story of Our Logo

Me, İlk Sen Ol, courageous, persistent and always moving on like the humming bird I was inspired by. His faith in life is always alive. Keeping your hope. Valuing people for being human. Me, İlk Sen Ol, who knows the golden feathers and beauty of the hummingbird, and wants to share their beauty with people. Those who have something to say to the world, without discrimination of religion, language or race, who want to touch hearts. Me, İlk Sen Ol, Integrating, embracing young people, finding value with them and giving them opportunities. Prioritizing volunteerism, solidarity and helping each other. Who knows the miracles in the hummingbird and reaffirms man's hope for miracles. Me İlk Sen Ol, striving to keep goodness alive always and everywhere. Like a hummingbird soaring freely in the sky, who wants to reach wherever the sun's light reaches.

İlk Sen Ol Youth Movement Association was established in Istanbul in 2019. Our association, which aims to spread the awareness of social responsibility, sports, art, culture, cooperation and solidarity, especially among young people, has been producing projects suitable for this purpose since the day it was founded. With our projects, we act with the vision of civil society by encouraging young people to participate in social life and to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Our association also aims to help young people gain experience and awareness in this field by organizing humanitarian aid activities. By encouraging young people to be active in all processes of humanitarian aid, we offer them the opportunity to be the hand that gives them and to be instrumental in good and beautiful. We want our young people to have a sense of responsibility, to be sensitive people and to contribute to the solution.

Our association, which puts forward projects that encourage individuals to participate in active life through sports, also uses sports as a tool for cultural sharing. We aim to introduce young people to sports, to stay away from harmful habits with sports, and to become self-confident individuals through sports.

By encouraging their participation in social life, we encourage them to offer solutions to the problem and encourage them in this regard.

We support the right of young people to express themselves and open spaces where they can express themselves in different ways such as sports, art and culture. We prepare projects on this subject and involve young people.

We want young people to have a culture of living together regardless of language, religion or race. We emphasize that human identity should be prioritized, not different identities, and aim to raise awareness in this regard.

Although most of our activities are based in Istanbul, we work in different parts of Turkey and the world. Our activities include young people in particular and all individuals in general, regardless of religion, language or race.

Our association attaches great importance to the principles of respect for human rights, especially human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law, and carries out projects in line with these principles.

Our Goals
To contribute to the social, cultural, artistic, sportive, scientific and professional development of young people.
Contributing to young people to become individuals who have a love of people and nature.
Establishing partnerships and developing projects with youth organizations operating in the local, national and international arena.
To raise awareness of youth and society on natural disasters, first aid, environment, energy saving and protection of energy resources.
To create solution-oriented approaches in areas such as the problems, employment and needs of young people throughout Turkey.
To carry out activities for young people to have an entrepreneurial, creative, solution-oriented, productive, participatory, principled and leader spirit.
To live the goodness always everywhere.
To create a culture of helping and sharing in society.
To produce solutions with permanent projects aimed at eliminating poverty and ensuring social justice.
To provide solutions for social assistance services that aim to bring happiness and comfort to people in need around the world, such as in-kind, cash, medical, food, education, shelter and accommodation.
Our Activities
Youth Projects
Charity Activities
İlk Sen Ol
To contribute to the formation of innovative and qualified human value for the social, physical, mental, spiritual and spiritual development of youth. We aim to be an association that produces solutions with permanent projects aimed at eliminating poverty and ensuring social justice by creating a culture of cooperation and sharing in the society.