KA-155 6 Ways to Discover Europe

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  • KA-155 6 Ways to Discover Europe
- Promote equal opportunities among young people by providing equal access to travel, discovering new places and getting acquainted with European cultures.
- Contributing to the personal development of young people by addressing prejudice, discrimination and racism at an early age.
- Providing opportunities to learn through travelling at an early age
- Encouraging young people to leave their comfort zones and become active citizens.
- Building bridges between European Cultures.
- Encouraging young people to become more open-minded and broad-minded individuals towards other cultures.
- Enabling participants to discover Erasmus+ and European opportunities at an early age.
- Strengthening the European Union and promoting active citizenship.
- We will raise awareness by encouraging participants to adopt sustainable travel and environmentally friendly accommodation practices. This will be achieved by providing information on how to reduce the carbon footprint when travelling, choosing accommodation that uses renewable energy sources, saves water and uses recyclable materials. By supporting local communities and respecting the natural and cultural heritage of the places visited.
- We aim to strengthen the sense of belonging to the European Union and enable them to discover Europe's diversity, cultural heritage, history, science, art and sport through networking with NGOs and various institutions and organisations.
-18 years old (born between 1 June 2006 (inclusive) and 1 June 2007 (inclusive))
-Having legal residence status in Turkey
-To be motivated to learn and take part in the project
-Not to have been involved in similar projects before
-Not having the opportunity to go to Europe before
28.06.2024 – 07.07.2024
- Young people who experience travelling abroad for the first time will take the first step in this regard.
- During these travels, they will see and get to know different cultures of Europe. This will prevent them from being prejudiced against different cultures.
- In our travels, the content of which we have diversified and elaborated with different activities, our participants will be able to raise awareness in the areas they are interested in.
-Through our project, our participants will be able to compare their knowledge with the facts and differences they discover in these regions as well as gaining new knowledge in Europe. For example, in our expedition on sports, our participants, again with the contribution of our local partners in the region, will be able to visit sports halls, stadiums, region-specific sports clubs and important sports museums in city centres to gain experience and compare similarities with sports in their own lives.
- With the new information discovered by our participants, our participants will blend their knowledge and make it more valuable.
- They will experience EU opportunities and culture on the spot.
- Again, through our local collaborators in Europe, our young people will be able to come together with their peers, exchange information and establish friendships through the fields they are interested in.
1. Green Road
- Countries: Portugal - Spain - France - Germany
- Cities: Lisbon - Valladolid - Vitoria-Gasteiz - Zaragoza - Montpellier - Lyon - Strasbourg - Nuremburg
2. History Road:
- Countries: Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Germany
- Cities: Amsterdam - Leiden - Maastricht - Brussels - Tournai - Esch-sur-Allzette - Schengen - Strasburg - Bonn
3. Digital Road:
- Countries: Finland - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Germany
- Cities: Tampere - Helsinki - Tallinn - Riga - Ignalina - Vilnius - Białystok - Poznań - Hamburg
4. Music Road:
- Countries: Norway - Sweden - Denmark - Germany
- Cities: Stavanger - Oslo - Gothenburg - Stockholm - Norrköping - Roskilde - Aarhus - Hamburg - Berlin - Leipzig
5. The New Bauhaus Way:
- Countries: Monaco - Italy - Switzerland - Austria - Slovenia - Croatia
- Cities: Monaco - Milan - Bern - Salzburg - NEB Hero City: Ljubljana - Celje - Zagreb
6. The Flavour Road of the Islands:
- Countries: Ireland - Malta - Cyprus
- Cities: Cork - Dublin - Valletta - Paphos
• Vize süreçlerinde destek verilecektir.
• Seyahat bileti, vize, sağlık sigortası, harcama masrafları karşılanacaktır.
• Başlangıç toplantısı yapılarak katılımcılara bilgi verilecektir. (Sosyal medya araçlarıyla tanışma ve seminerler düzenlenecektir.)
• Konaklama şehir merkezine yakın bir otelde yapılacaktır. (2-3 kişilik odalar.)
• Katılımcıların sağlık bilgileri önceden alınacaktır.
• Katılımcıların yiyecek tercihleri öğrenilecektir.
• Katılımcıların ilgili ülkenin acil durumlarda kullanılan telefon numaraları kayıt edilmesi sağlanacaktır.
• Her katılımcı yalnızca bir rotaya katılacaktır.
- Groups of 5 people will be travelling with a leader at the head of the group.
- Travelling will be done by train via ‘Interrail’.

!!! English is not required to participate in the programme.

!!! Only candidates whose application is positive will be returned via e-mail.
-YouthPass Certificate will be given to each participant at the end of the project.
-The young people who have YouthPass Certificate will have 8 key competences of the European Union.
1. Communication in Mother Tongue
2. Communication in a Foreign Language
3. Maths/Science and
4. Basic in Technology
5. Sufficiency
6. Digital Competence
7. Learning to Learn
8. Social and civic competence
9. Understanding of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
10. Cultural Consciousness and Expression
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