KA210- EmpowerSDGs: Gaming for Global Impact

  • Anasayfa
  • KA210- EmpowerSDGs: Gaming for Global Impact

EmpowerSDGs focuses on specific Sustainable Development Goals such as quality education, gender equality, reducing inequalities and sustainable development. Using video games and fun learning methods, it not only works on these goals, but also helps young people to understand all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our project aims to bridge the knowledge and skills gap, empower young people and promote a more inclusive and supportive environment for them to be active.

Participants in the project can be divided into two main groups;

The first group includes young people aged 16-30. These young people are vulnerable, belong to a minority, are disabled, have health or family problems, are migrants,

It is important that they come from different backgrounds, such as having faced different barriers to staying in or re-entering education and training.

The second group includes youth workers, such as professionals working with minority youth, social workers, educators and sustainability experts.

20 young participants and 5 professional youth workers from each country will take part.

01.01.2024 - 01.01.2025