KA220- Cyber Safe Senior

The main objective of the "CyberSafe Senior" project is to increase the awareness of seniors about safety rules in the virtual world and to improve their digital skills in using safe rules and tools on the Internet. This goal will be achieved through the development of an e-book with internet crimes case studies, virtual lessons and pilot trainings. On the other hand, the project will better prepare trainers to organise courses for the elderly on this topic by introducing new training programme and new competences. The long-term goal is to reduce the digital exclusion of older people by increasing their ICT competences.

The main target group of our project will be older people over the age of 65. The partnership will try to reach people outside of large cities, as they are particularly vulnerable to digital exclusion and have limited access to training. Our project will target older people who already have some digital skills, but have gaps in their security knowledge. The group of seniors will be selected from local communities where the project will be promoted, such as: senior clubs, libraries, neighbourhood clubs, church communities, cultural centres and third age universities, etc. An indirect target group will be adult educators and trainers. We are particularly interested in trainers who are specialised in IT and network security, but who have never worked with older people before and who would like to learn effective specific teaching techniques with this group. However, we will also be targeting trainers who have experience in educating older people, but do not have sufficient knowledge of online security. These two groups will complement each other during the joint staff training. Finally, our project aims to encourage educational institutions that educate older people to include online safety training in their programmes.

31.12.2023 - 30.12.2025

1. Development of educational materials for older people on safety in the vital world
2. Organising an international training for adult trainers in Slovenia, focusing on online safety education for seniors.
3. Pilot cybersecurity training course - face-to-face and online (1 in each partner country) with 100 seniors
4. Information campaign on cybersecurity for seniors for 300 people (seniors, adult educators, educational institutions).