Qurban Activities

Qurban Activities

those in need (madrasah, orphanage and school). Due to misery and poverty in the region, many of our brothers and sisters can only eat meat thanks to the sacrifices sent by you. If you want to deliver your sacrifices to those in need and make them taste this delicacy, you can send us your donations of Offerings, Akikas and thankfulness from the Qurban Donation section.

Photos and videos belonging to your Qurban are sent via Whatsapp to the phone numbers you have sent.

The Cost of Qurban Donation

Adak-Akika-Thankfulness 1250 ₺


  • We carry out humanitarian aid activities for disadvantaged individuals, particularly orphaned children struggling to survive on the streets due to wars, terrorist activities, and other reasons, without distinction of religion, language, race, or sect."
  • 0530 613 4472
  • info@ilksenol.org.tr

You can make donations through our account numbers. Click for our account numbers.

When making a donation, please include your name, surname, phone number, and specify the type of your donation in the description section. If you're donating on behalf of someone, provide their name as well. This way, we can reach out to you if necessary. Additionally, if you're granting a proxy for a sacrifice, you can state in the description section, 'I grant my proxy to İlk Sen Ol Association to perform the sacrifice and distribute it to those in need’

You can make your Sacrifice donation not only during Eid al-Adha but also at any time throughout the year.
Our teams determine the countries where we will perform the sacrifices based on the needs. Once these countries are chosen, we will announce them on our social media accounts and website.
Your sacrifice will be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic methods and distributed to those in need in a manner appropriate for the act of sacrifice.
According to Islamic methods, we slaughter a large animal with 7 shares. Once you have donated 7 shares, your sacrifice will be performed. You also have the option to donate all 7 shares if you wish.

İslami Usullere göre bir büyükbaşı 7 hisse olacak şekilde kesiyoruz. Hisse bağışı yaptıktan sonra 7 hisseye ulaştığı takdirde kesiminiz gerçekleştirilecektir. Dilerseniz 7 hisse bağışı da yapabilmeniz mümkündür.

In order to ensure transparency and reliability in the process, just like in your other donations, we provide you with relevant visuals for your Sacrifice donations. Your sacrifice will be recorded on video and sent to your specified number via WhatsApp.