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Thanks to our benefactors, Hz.Ebu Bekir (ra) in Kunza town of Rangaza city, Kano state, Nigeria.Abu Bakr (ra) we opened our water well.


Thanks to our benefactors, Hazrat.Omer (ra) we opened our water well.


Thanks to our benefactors, Hazrat.Osman (ra) we opened our water well.


There is a huge water shortage worldwide, according to research, more than 50 countries and more than 800 million people do not have access to clean/drinking water.  Many people lose their lives every year due to unhealthy water used instead of clean water, and epidemic diseases spreading from water sources threaten the lives of the region’s populations.

One of the countries with the most problems in accessing water is Africa-Nigeria. The people of the region are trying to meet their water needs by either buying or transporting them from wells many kilometers away in order to sustain their lives. Our institution has taken it as a duty to drill water wells in order to provide them with access to clean water, which is one of the most basic rights, in accordance with the needs of people in the region, and has successfully drilled dozens of them thanks to our donors so far.

As İlk Sen Ol, we are drilling a total of 3 types of water wells with different characteristics in accordance with the needs in villages, provincial/district centers, orphanages and madrasas in Nigeria, Somalia and Syria.

You can also make your water well donations as a share. Your donations will be collected in a pool and a water well will be opened when the target is reached.


Share Price of a Hand-Pumped Water Well: 350 Liras

Electric Water Well Share Price: 600 Liras

Target: 100 people

In villages and towns that have a sparse population (500-750) and are far away from existing water wells, the hand-pumped water well that we have drilled is drilled by drilling at a depth of 45 to 60 meters as a result of an underground water survey conducted by experts.


Hand-Pumped Water Well $2,200

The electric water well we are drilling in towns and districts with a population between 1000 and 2000 that require intensive use is drilled by drilling at a depth of 50 to 80 meters as a result of an underground water survey conducted by experts and has a fountain with Decanter, water tank and electric motor with 8-10 fountains.


Electric Fountain Water Well $3,000

Our well, which was drilled with a drilling operation at a depth of 90 to 120 meters as a result of underground water survey, has a fountain with 8-10 fountains, an electric motor and a water tank so that the water well does not dry up due to intensive use and has a long service life in regions with a population of more than 2000.


Electric Fountain Water Well $5000

Acting on the principle that cleanliness comes from faith, our institution has also realized the need for toilets in the region and has started to build toilets with 2-3 cabins next to the fountain water wells.


Our institution provides a 2-year warranty for all water wells it opens. 3. as of the year, if any malfunctions or damages are detected during the periodic visits of our personnel, the repair of the well is carried out by contacting our donors.


Wc with 2 Cabins $1500

3-Cabin Wc $1700


  • We carry out humanitarian aid activities for disadvantaged individuals, particularly orphaned children struggling to survive on the streets due to wars, terrorist activities, and other reasons, without distinction of religion, language, race, or sect."
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