Green Footprint

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Project Name: Green Footprint

Project Dates: June 1-9, 2021

Project Location: İstanbul, Türkiye

The "Green Footprint" youth exchange project aims to connect young people worldwide to take action for sustainability and green change. In this project, the goal is to create a bridge for young people to come together internationally, share green practices in their own countries, generate new ideas, and educate each other.

The first objective of our project is to build a global network among young people, increasing awareness and collaboration in sustainability. Young people, by communicating with peers from different countries and cultures, focused on common environmental issues and developed solutions. This global network provides a platform for young people to share knowledge and experiences, enabling them to unite their efforts for green change.

Our second objective is to provide young people with access to international education and learning opportunities. The "Green Footprint" project aims to deepen young people's knowledge and skills in sustainability through various training programs, workshops, and seminars. Consequently, young people can adopt green practices upon their return to their countries, take leadership roles in sustainability, and increase their potential to create change in their communities.

Our third objective is to promote cultural understanding and tolerance among young people. The "Green Footprint" project exposes young people to different cultural contexts, aiming to increase intercultural understanding and enhance collaboration skills.

Finally, the "Green Footprint" project aims to develop the leadership skills of young people and enable them to make their voices heard on international platforms. The project offers opportunities for young people to gain competencies such as communication, advocacy, project management, and effective leadership. These leadership skills will empower young people to actively take on roles in promoting green change in their communities and internationally.

The "Green Footprint" youth exchange project aimed to mobilize young people actively and effectively in sustainability and green change. Participants in this project worked together not only individually but also as part of a global youth movement to build a sustainable future.

  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • North Macedonia
  • Turkey

Participants engaged in group activities focusing on recycling and preserving the environment.

Participants, in teams, went on a nature hike and cleaned up litter in the surrounding area.

Participants created artistic content to raise awareness using recyclables collected from nature.

 Participants, in teams, conducted awareness campaigns in the community about protecting the environment.